Twitter Mute: Removing Noisy Tweeters from Your Timeline W/O Unfollowing Them

twitter iconTwitter is rolling out a new feature called Twitter Mute for silencing noisy tweeters in your timeline.

Twitter Mute is activated per user. It is currently being rolled out for iPhone, Android, and users. Twitter Mute allows you to enjoy the benefits of maintaining a Twitter relationship without letting a noisy user’s tweets take over your timeline.

Here’s how it works.

As I said, Twitter Mute is activated by individual user. Once you turn it on for a noisy user, it does the following:

  • The user will still be able to fave, reply to, and retweet your tweets. But you’ll no longer see the user’s tweets, retweets, faves of your tweets, or replies in your timeline
  • Twitter replies and mentions from the muted user will still appear in your notifications, allowing you to know when the user has mentioned you or your tweets
  • Muted users will still be able to send you a direct message
  • You’ll no longer receive any push or SMS notifications from this user
  • The user won’t know they’ve been muted. They’ll continue to see your tweets and if you’re following them, they’ll still think you can see all their tweets and retweets.
  • The user’s messages will be muted only from the point where you pressed the mute button for that user. Any messages the muted user sent out before pressing the mute button will still appear in your Twitter timeline. Only future messages will be muted.

When active, you’ll enable Twitter mute from by clicking on the gear shift button next to the follow/unfollow button on a Twitter profile and selecting the mute option from the menu that appears. Click here for information on how to mute users from your smartphone.

Twitter mute isn’t anything revolutionary. It’s basically the same capability that other social media have been offering for years, such as when LinkedIn added their option to hide and unhide excessive updates from any of your LinkedIn connections.

Twitter Mute lets you retain the benefits of following a Twitter account (and the possible relationship you’ve created) while allowing you to scale back on the tweets you receive from that account.

Twitter Mute was announced on Monday, March 12th. Twitter will be rolling it out to all, Android, and iPhone users over the next few weeks.

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