WordPress 3.8.3 and 3.7.3 Security Releases Now Available: Version 3.9 This Week?

wordpress wThe WordPress 3.8.3 security release is now available.

WordPress had released the 3.8.2 security release last week. But they found a bug in the QuickDraft feature that can make draft content accidentally disappear. 8.3.3 fixes the bug and may restore the missing draft content, if certain conditions are present on your site.

To fix the 8.3.2 bug, WordPress released 8.3.3. If you’re on auto-update, it may already be installed on your Web site. If you’re not on auto-update, you can get more information by clicking here.

Since WordPress released the same Quick Draft code in last week’s 3.7.2 release, there is also a new 3.7.3 release to address the issue in 3.7.2 installs.

There doesn’t appear to be any other features in 8.3.3 above the 8.3.2 release.

According to WordPress, the previous 3.8.2 release contained nine security bugs and three other security hardening issues. So all of these features should be available in 8.3.3.

You can get more information on WordPress 3.8.3 at the WordPress Download site.

If you’re running WordPress 3.7.x, you will also be automatically updated to WP 3.7.3, if auto-update is enabled.

WordPress also has a release candidate 3.9 that is now available for testing only at the WordPress 3.9 Release Candidate Web site. WordPress expects to announce that it is shipping WordPress 3.9 sometime this week (April 15th or later, as of this writing).

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