Two Ways to Print Your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin share buttonA recent post from Donna Svei about saving your LinkedIn profile to print or a PDF file got me thinking about the process of saving and printing LI profiles.

In that post, Donna talks about how it’s important to print and save old copies of your LinkedIn profiles because you never know when you’ll need them. You may make a mistake with your LI profile and want to revert back to what it was before. Or you may have changed some terms or phrases and you want to change it back to the way it was before. Great ideas because you never know when you’ll need to fall back to an old profile.

Donna recommends using LinkedIn’s Save to PDF option from the View profile button. I tried it with my LinkedIn profile and this is what my saved LinkedIn profile looks like.

joe hertvik saved linkedin profile--6-23-15

And this is great if you’re just saving an archive version of your profile for later restoration or reversion. But the problem here is that as LinkedIn saves your profile to PDF, it loses all of its formatting. My save lost all of my formatting, graphics, and other features. It’s a good backup but it’s not something I’d give to a business prospect or a prospective employer.

If you want to take a copy of your LinkedIn profile and turn it into a PDF resume (which can also be used as an archived save for later restoration or reversal of new changes), you can go to the resume builder at LinkedIn (



Once in the resume builder, LinkedIn asks you to sign in with your LI profile and to give permission to access your profile setup. Then it turns your profile into a decent looking resume. Here’s what my LinkedIn-generated resume looked like.

LinkedinLabs--generated resume for Joe Hertvik--6-23-15

And notice that as opposed to the Save to PDF option, the LinkedIn Labs resume kept my formatting, even the special characters.

There are a few interesting things about creating your resume through LinkedIn labs resume generator.

  • You can edit the created resume and make changes or edit your LinkedIn profile from the resume builder
  • You can keep the resume private or make it public. LinkedIn even gives you a URL that you can make public. So you could display the LI-generated resume on the Web, if you wish.
  • There’s even a button where you can go back to edit your LinkedIn profile so the changes will be updated in your resume.

What it comes down to is that there’s two ways to print your LinkedIn profile via PDF. You can use the Save to PDF button as Donna talked about in her article. You can also use the resume generator from LinkedIn Labs, which will allow you to create a better formatted resume that’s editable and that you can display as its own web page, if you wish.

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