Use an @ to Create Profile Links in LinkedIn Shares

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LinkedIn Tip: Use the ‘@’ sign if you want to create profile links in LinkedIn shares



How it works

In a recent LI share, I included a link to my colleague Dan Burger’s LinkedIn profile by typing the share this way.

IBM i news from @Dan Burger at IT Jungle: Fresche Legacy acquires looksoftware.

After I typed the ‘@’, LinkedIn searched my connections and its network and provide me with a connection list of names and companies that have a name matching Dan Burger. When I clicked on Dan’s name in that list, LI put a link into my share pointing to Dan’s LinkedIn user profile. Dan’s name was then highlighted as a link in my share and it looked like this.

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Anyone who clicks on Dan’s name in my share will get information on his profile and an option to view his profile (which I recommend, Dan’s a great guy).

Also note that LinkedIn includes company names in that list, as well as individual names. It segments the possible references with individual names on top followed by a separate list of companies matching your search criteria. If you don’t see the company you’re searching, scroll down the list and it may show up.

LinkedIn used to restrict this reference trick to individuals and companies that you were connected to (in your network), but lately LinkedIn seems to have broadened the search and status update linking to include most people in the entire LinkedIn network. In the past few months, I haven’t had an instance where I couldn’t include a link to a referenced person’s name in my status update, regardless of whether I was connected to them or not.

LinkedIn will sometimes also provide the connections list if you type in a name in your share without the ‘@’, but I’ve found that technique to be a little spotty (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t). You can always get the connections list if you type the ‘@’ followed by your connections name.


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