Using Google Search to Search Only One Web Site

two tip jarsIf you want to use Google to search for a term on only one specific Web site, enter your search term this way.

Search term:search site

Where search term is equal to what you want to find and search site is the site you want to find it on.

So if I want to find all pages that use the word leasing on the Web site, I would enter my Google search term this way.

And Google will tailor its search to display any results from the Web site first, followed by the usual results Google would return if I had just entered in the search term without specifying a site.

Many Web sites such as, also offer search boxes that are specific to their Web sites. Your best bet is to use the site’s own search box first as hopefully, the site is good about presenting a search function (sadly, many sites have lousy search functions).

But if you can’t find what you want directly on the-site, try modifying your Google search to perform a directed search on your target Web site.


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