RPO, RTO, RTA: Explaining 3 Common Disaster Recovery Terms

If you work with business continuity (BC), disaster recovery (DR), or high availability (HA), you’re bound to run across the following terms:

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Recovery Time Actual (RTA)
  • The RTA-RTO Gap

Because these acronyms are so similar, it’s easy to confuse them with each other. Here’s a primer on what each of these terms mean and how they can help your IT shop in BC, DR, and HA planning. Continue reading

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Use an @ to Create Profile Links in LinkedIn Shares

linkedin share button

LinkedIn Tip: Use the ’@’ sign if you want to create profile links in LinkedIn shares



How it works

In a recent LI share, I included a link to my colleague Dan Burger’s LinkedIn profile by typing the share this way.

IBM i news from @Dan Burger at IT Jungle: Fresche Legacy acquires looksoftware. http://lnkd.in/brZ66qu

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Hiding LinkedIn Job Hunting Activity from Your Connections

job hunting binocularsHere’s a quick tip if you’re using LinkedIn for job hunting and you don’t want co-workers, bosses, executives, customers or anyone else to see you updating your LinkedIn profile or making recommendations (i.e., you want to hide your LinkedIn job hunting activity from your connections).

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Changing Your Profile Name in LinkedIn (Linkedin Name Changes)

Linkedin logo with magnifying glassThere are many common reasons people change their name, including marriage, divorce, adopting a stage name, or modifying your name to reference or remove a nickname.

And when you change your name in real life, you’ll also want to change it in your virtual life: specifically your LinkedIn profile.

To accomplish that goal, here are the ins and outs of changing your name on LinkedIn. Continue reading

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Creating a LinkedIn Profile URL That Fits on a Business Card

linkedin button

All LinkedIn users have both a default public LinkedIn profile URL and a full LinkedIn profile URL. The public profile is what people who aren’t connected to you see when they search for you on LinkedIn. The private profile is what people in your LinkedIn connections mostly see when they check you as a connection.

There are a number of problems with the default public profile URL, including the fact that the URL is long, clunky, and difficult for people to find in search engines…and those are its good traits!

The default public profile also doesn’t fit well inside an email, on a business card, or on a banner. What you want is a shorter snappier LinkedIn URL that you can use in correspondence, marketing materials, Web pages, signatures, and in other places where a long URL isn’t appropriate.

In less than 500 words, here’s how you create your own (relatively) short customized LinkedIn URL, such as http://www.linkedin.com/in/joehertvik.

Note: This post was updated in July 2015 from its original version. Continue reading

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LinkedIn: Becoming Anonymous When Viewing Other People’s Profiles

linkedin logoFor any number of professional, legal, personal, or other reasons, you may not want other LinkedIn users to know you are viewing their user profiles. Sometimes you just need to be an anonymous viewer.

The problem with being an anonymous viewer on LinkedIn is that by default, LinkedIn doesn’t configure your profile to be anonymous. LI sets up all profiles to report their LinkedIn user name and headline to every other user profile they have viewed, unless the viewing user has specified otherwise. LI shows this information in the viewed user’s LinkedIn notifications screen and on the Who’s viewed your profile screen. Continue reading

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Two Ways to Find All Your Current LinkedIn Activity From a Browser Session

linked in pen pictureUse this technique if you only want to view your current LinkedIn activity from a Web browser (updated 6/25/15 as the old URL from LinkedIn no longer works).


I was unable to find a new URL to replace the old LinkedIn MYUPDATE URL, but either one of the following techniques will show you all your recent activity, published LinkedIn articles, drafts, and followers, as shown here. Continue reading

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