Creating a Twitter Search URL–Beginner’s Version

twitter iconHere’s a nice trick if you want to create a Twitter Search URL that directly accesses the Twitter search function. With a Twitter search URL, you can create links for your readers to view all the tweets associated with Twitter handle feeds, a hashtag, or a combination of both a Twitter handle or a hashtag.

Here’s how to create a URL that directly accesses the Twitter search function and returns all tweets associated with specific Twitter handles or hashtags. Continue reading

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Community Post: List of IBM i Content Providers

digital contentThis post is an in-process centralized shared list of all organizations or individuals who provide content-specific information on the IBM i platform (no marketing-oriented pages, with the possible exception of IBM). Feel free to pull the information from this post into other posts to disseminate to the broader IBM i community.

Here the starter list of individuals and groups who provide information on the IBM i platform. Continue reading

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Remembering My Father on Veteran’s Day

Dad Hertvik army pictureGone but not forgotten, my father Joseph Charles Hertvik, Sr. was a World War II vet who marched across Europe with the fabled 101st Airborne division and participated in the Battle of the Bulge.

Thank you for everything, Dad. I miss you and I’m very proud of you. Thinking of you on this Veteran’s Day.


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LinkedIn Tip of the Day: Connect to Your Twitter Followers

linkedin plus twitter

Cross-check your LinkedIn connections against your key Twitter followers and those you follow to see who’s not connected. And then connect with them. You’ll be surprised who you don’t have as an LI Connection. Continue reading

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What’s Your Glove Display for Making IT Changes?


In their book Switch, authors Dan and Chip Heath talk about how to build support for and change existing situations. They cited one situation involving a traveling glove display that has practical applications for instigating IT changes.

Here’s how it works.
Continue reading

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How to Delete a LinkedIn Status Update

delete button from wikipedia commonsUse LinkedIn’s delete option if you made a mistake and want to delete a LinkedIn status update.

Deleting an update is easy. Here’s how to do it, along with how a deleted status update can still appear in your connections’ mailboxes. Continue reading

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IT Purchasing Math: 8 Ways that Confusion = Profit

handing off confusionThere’s a simple equation to keep in mind if you’re not sure you’re getting a fair deal when making a major IT purchase:

Confusion = Profit

A related equation goes like this:

Rushed deals = Profit

This is directly related to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). The more a vendor can confuse you and make you believe numbers that may not be in your best interest or try to convince you that you really have to buy NOW, the greater the odds are that you’ll make a bad deal.

My best advice is that for a major IT purchase (several hundreds of thousands of dollars),  don’t buy it  if you don’t understand the deal. Wait until you understand exactly what they’re offering and at what price before you make your move. Continue reading

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