From the Admin Alert archives: A Power i Hardware Upgrade Diary

Once again, I’m mining the nearly ten years of Admin Alert columns I’ve written for IT Jungle on IBM i administration (thanks TPM). In this series, I like to present several articles I wrote over time that demonstrate a certain technique or a long-range project.

This week I’m looking back at 2010-2011 when my compadre Master Technician Scott and I installed two new Power i 720 machines for one of our clients. Here’s a list of articles I wrote that followed our progress as these machines went in. Hopefully, these pieces can help you the next time you’re installing a Power 7 machine.

I always like performing upgrades and reviewing this list is making me anxious for next year, when I get to perform another set of upgrades for another client.

Disclaimer: I am a Contributing Editor for IT Jungle (as if that isn’t obvious).


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