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IT Purchasing Math: 8 Ways that Confusion = Profit

There’s a simple equation to keep in mind if you’re not sure you’re getting a fair deal when making a major IT purchase:

Confusion = Profit
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Who Moved my Cheese? Lifestyle Book or Horror Story?

I’ve always wondered. Is Who Moved My Cheese a motivational book or a horror story? Continue reading

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The Animal Farm Rule of Help Desks and Network Management

Running a Help Desk or a Data Center can be confusing in that while you try to treat all customers the same way, there are just some people who need extra-special assistance. You may go all out for your internal and external customers but there are always certain classes of people who you really have to go ALL OUT for. Continue reading

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Three Things to Do When Blogging and Publishing On-line

One of the problems with accessing on-line publications (including blogs) is that it’s hard for readers to verify the accuracy, reliability, and freshness of the content you’re reading. Especially in a technical article where a solution written for one version … Continue reading

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And then someone gets fired: IBM i ERP Implementations Gone Bad

Here’s two cautionary tales and lessons learned when migrating to a new IBM i ERP system, and some ideas on what to do when things don’t happen as planned Continue reading

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We’re Making Stew: Guidelines for Serial Blogging

One of my editors gave me a great piece of advice one day regarding writing and blogging. He said (and I paraphrase):

stew pot

We’re making stew when we publish. Sometimes the reader gets a nice big piece of steak for an article. Sometimes she gets a carrot and sometimes it’s a potato. We mix it up and give the pub a great flavor so there isn’t too much of one ingredient or another. Continue reading

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Comparing the PureSystems #10Kandcounting Standard Versus the Power i Standard and Vice Versa

IBM PureSystems 10K and counting picture--2-3-14

With IBM recently announcing that “IBM PureSystems family of expert integrated systems…have now shipped more than 10,000 units through the 4th Quarter of 2013″, is this a significant number compared against the number of existing accounts and installations for the IBM i family (Power 4 and above)? Continue reading

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