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What does it mean when your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete?

I just added some skills to my LinkedIn profile. Now LinkedIn is telling me my profile is 100% complete.

I’m so proud. For a while there, I thought I’d just be dangling at 85% forever, along with all the other nerdy 85% kids.

Only thing is: I have no idea what this means. Continue reading

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From the Admin Alert archives: A Power i Hardware Upgrade Diary

Once again, I’m mining the nearly ten years of Admin Alert columns I’ve written for IT Jungle on IBM i administration (thanks TPM). In this series, I like to present several articles I wrote over time that demonstrate a certain technique or a long-range project.

This week I’m looking back at 2010-2011 when my compadre Master Technician Scott and I installed two new Power i 720 machines for one of our clients. Here’s a list of articles I wrote that followed our progress as these machines went in. Hopefully, these pieces can help you the next time you’re installing a Power 7 machine. Continue reading

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IT Jungle: IBM Tweaks Power Systems Rebate Deals Once Again

Tim Prickett Morgan at IT Jungle has the latest on some Power Systems rebates.

Why does IBM love to offer rebates instead of reducing their prices on these machines, according to Tim:

“IBM loves rebates because… Continue reading

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February 15, 2012 Edition of SecureMyi Security Newsletter Available

The latest version of Dan Riehl’s SecureMyi Security Newsletter is now available. Dan puts out this newsletter every few weeks, if you want to subscribe.

This issue has… Continue reading

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Non-Sequitur: Mr Rogers and Night of the Living Dead

This has nothing to do with my usual subject matter but it makes me smile.

During the 1960s before he made the classic Zombie move, Night of the Living Dead, legendary filmmaker George A. Romero worked for none other than Mr. Rogers. Yes that Mr. Rogers.

Mr. Rogers was instrumental in getting Romero into the business, and Romero shot his first short movie for Mr. Rogers, titled (I believe) Mr. Rogers Gets a Tonsilectomy.

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Angus the IT Chap has an IBM i Survey for you

I’ve recently started checking out Angus’s blog on IBM i unity , but he has to be one of the more vocal proponents of IBM i unity out there. Very impressive and pro-IBM i (don’t you dare call it an iSeries or, … Continue reading

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Steve Will: IBM i “Workload Groups” Qualify for Virtualization Technologies’ Subcapacity Pricing

In 2010, IBM introduced workload capacity to i 7.1. Workload capacity allowed administrators to define specific workloads that can be limited to only using x number of processors on a partition. The idea is that if you’re running ad hoc queries on an i 7.1 machine, for example, I could assign my user queries to a workload capped subsystem that would limit the amount of system resources (including CPU) these queries could use. So I theoretically set up a query subsystem that would be limited to only using 2 out of 4 processors assigned to my partition. This would prevent a batch-intensive query from consuming too much CPU, and keep it from disrupting my production environment.

Workload capacity allows you to expand your work management capabilities by allocating your processor resources to specific subsystems the same way you allocate memory resources to subsystems in pre-7.1 systems. In IBM terms, this creates sub-capacity workloads that are limited to the amount of resources they can use.

Here’s where it gets interesting as sub-capacity workloads meet sub-capacity pricing.
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V5R4 End of Support Redux Again

It’s been a few days since IBM announced end of support for i5/OS V5R4, which makes it the perfect time to revisit the topic now that it’s had a little while to cool off.

One of my favorite IBM i analysts, Tim Prickett Morgan of IT Jungle, has a more in-depth look at the topic than you might find at other sites, including mine. In his V5R4 withdrawal article, he goes over the following issues you might not have read about last week, including:

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About That V5R4 to i 7.1 Upgrade…IBM Redbook

If you’re thinking of upgrading from i5/OS V5R4 to i 7.1 on your IBM i box, you might want to check out this redbook by IBM:

Installing, upgrading, or deleting IBM i and related software 7.1, SC41-5120-11

This is a pretty complete overview of the process. And with all the upgrade activity that will be generated after IBM’s announced end of support date for V5R4, this might be well needed by business partners and customers alike.

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IT Jungle: IBM to Bring Live Migration to IBM 7.1

From Tim Prickett-Morgan at IT Jungle:

Ian Jarman, manager of Power Systems Software at IBM “…said that Big Blue was going to deliver something for IBM i that all virtualized operating systems in the 21st century need: live migration of virtual machines or logical partitions from one physical server to another.”

Jarman said the Technology Refresh program, which allows the company to slip new technology and support for new platforms into the hardware “…without requiring the company to do a complete rebuild of the system as a dot release….was going to be used to bring live partition mobility, Big Blue’s term for one kind of live migration, to Power Systems machines.”

About time. Get the complete story here.

Wonder what this is going to do to the IBM i high availability market?

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From the Admin Alert archives: A Complete Messaging Systems for IBM i Shops

Since 2002, I’ve been writing Admin Alerts columns on IBM i administration for the IT Jungle Web site (thanks, TPM). There must be close to 500 of them by now. IT Jungle keeps the collected articles on the Admin Alert Web … Continue reading

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Common Americas Advisory Council (CAAC) Looking for New Members

From a guest post by Michelle August on, the CAAC is looking for new members. The CAAC serves as the liaison between the community member and IBM [for the IBM i platform]. This has been a very successful partnership … Continue reading

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Nice Power i 6.1 upgrade planning checklist by Steve Pitcher

My shop performed three Power i 6.1 upgrades last year, and we’re starting the planning cycle for three more upgrades this year.

In preparation, I found a nice general V6R1 upgrade planning checklist by Steve Pitcher posted on Search400. Steve seems to cover most of the bases I know of. It’s a good start and reminder for my renewed planning efforts.

You can read and print the checklist here.

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Rational Open Access: RPG Edition (RPG OA) Available Six Days Early (Now)

On Twitter, Steve Will, Chief Architect for the IBM i operating system, is reporting that RPG OA PTFs are available right now, rather than the February 14th date previously announced. Check the RPG Open Access PTFs area of the developerWorks Web site … Continue reading

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New IT Jungle article about QSECOFR Dos and Don’ts

IT Jungle just published a new article I wrote about security issues I’ve encountered involving the QSECOFR security officer user profile, including the never ending QSECOFR password; how changing the QSECOFR password took out a controller; and other tales of brain-challenged administrators and users.

You can read the article here.

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